MCU CosmicCast Episode 30 More Annihilation Confirmation, New Streaming Series, and Trailer Rumors

Welcome to the first episode of the MCU CosmicCast in November, the month when the Avengers: Annihilation trailer will most likely arrive. The trailer and the title of the movie is on everyone’s mind, so that’s what we kick this week’s episode off with:

  • More sources confirm that the Avengers 4 title is indeed Avengers: Annihilation.
  • There was a lot of talk of the Avengers: Annihilation trailer this week, find out when it may arrive.
  • Thanos may be returning to Fortnite to coincide with the trailer release this month.
  • Why Avengers: Annihilation won’t be three hours long.
  • New long-form streaming series revealed this week including a Falcon & Bucky one and possibly Hawkeye.
  • Who Katherine Langford may be playing in Avengers: Annihilation (hint: Not Kate Bishop).
  • Frank Grillo now says his comments about being in Avengers: Annihilation are “fake news”.
  • Mysterio’s fishbowl helmet confirmed on a Dr. Pepper can.
  • A really great listener question about Avengers: Annihilation.

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