September 24, 2020

A Tom Cruise Cameo is Rumored to be Under Consideration for Doctor Strange 2

Long ago, before even Blade and the first X-Men movie ushered Marvel to the big screen, the comic magazine Wizard would do fan-casts for imagined live-action movies of Marvel comics. One of the most common, and popular, castings was Tom Cruise as Iron Man. That almost became a reality in 1998 when Cruise wanted to produce and star in an Iron Man movie. Obviously, history turned out differently in this universe, but what about in another?

We’ve already heard how Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would feature alternate versions of existing MCU heroes from other universe, but now comes a rumor of a pretty cool idea. According to Daniel Richtman, Marvel is toying with the idea of doing some high-profile cameos in the film; and one of those is apparently having an Iron Man from an alternate universe and have him played by Tom Cruise.

Of course this would only be a cameo, as it’d be pretty crazy to bring back Iron Man in the 616 MCU universe and have him be played by Tom Cruise, but it’d be a very cool nod to all of those past fan-casts and that 1998 Iron Man production that never happened.