September 24, 2020

Red Dagger Confirmed for Ms. Marvel?

Yesterday the news arrived confirming that the Bad Boys For Life directors would be among the directors making Disney+’s Ms. Marvel series (first reported by The Direct two weeks ago), and now comes word that possibly confirms one of the supporting characters in the show.

In a Reddit comment discussing that news, someone claimed to audition for Ms. Marvel months ago and never got a callback. When asked what role they auditioned for, they said Red Dagger.

Note: As this person did audition, their Reddit handle has been blocked out to protect their identity.

Back in February, right when this audition apparently took place, The Illuminerdi reported that Red Dagger would be appearing in the series. Red Dagger is a crime fighter in Pakistan, and is one of Kalama’s love interests from the comics.

That same Illuminerdi report also discussed the MCU reboot of Inhumans with Ms. Marvel. Which means if Red Dagger is really in the series, then the Inhumans reboot could be happening as well…