September 24, 2020

Disney Reportedly Beginning the Localization Process on Black Widow!

Those wondering if we might actually see Black Widow in 2020 might be happy with this bit of news. It appears that Disney has begun the localization process for the film, where they translate and dub it into local languages around the world, which is a good sign it’s coming out in 2020.

The news comes from Amit Chaudhari, who has accurately provided localization information in the past; including the last Black Widow trailer:

With movie theaters still not fully open in places like the US, it’s possible that Disney is planning a hybrid theatrical/Disney+ release following the Premier Access debut of Mulan earlier this month. There have been reports that Disney is happy with how Mulan performed on the streaming service compared to the theaters where it opens, and the Mulan Premier Access does end just a few days before the release of Black Widow