September 24, 2020

Is Harry Styles Headed to the MCU?

Earlier today Harry Styles fans on social media were sent into a frenzy over a Tweet that said he would be appearing in an upcoming Marvel movie.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Kris Tapley of Netflix hinted that Styles was in a Marvel movie that no one knew about:

Is it true? Well the Tweet was quickly deleted, possibly due to Harry Styles fans going insane in his mentions, however Tapley made an almost identical Tweet a back in May saying that WWE Superstar Becky Lynch would also be in a MCU movie. There’s always a possibility that both Tweets are jokes, making fun of how almost everyone is appearing in Marvel movies these days, and the Styles Tweet was deleted before it got out of hand and got his fans excited for nothing.

If it wasn’t a joke, Harry Styles would make a great Starfox in Eternals. In fact, last September Richard Madden said there were other unannounced castings for the upcoming MCU film. There’s a possibility that Harry Styles as Starfox could be what Madden was referring to when he said that.

Of course there are a lot of other roles that people would fancast him for (like Nova), but Starfox would be an almost perfect fit. Again, if the original Tweet wasn’t a joke.