September 24, 2020

Thor: Love and Thunder Confirmed to Use The Mandalorian’s VFX Tech!

Two days ago, I ran a story about evidence pointing to Thor: Love and Thunder adopting The Mandalorian’s “Volume” VFX tech when it films at Fox Studios Australia soon. Now that scoop as been confirmed!

Today The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that ILM is building a larger custom Volume for Thor: Love and Thunder at Fox Studios Australia:

In addition, ILM is building a StageCraft volume at Pinewood Studios in London (expected to open in February), and a larger custom volume at Fox Studios Australia that will be used for Thor: Love and Thunder. Waititi previously used virtual production when he helmed the final episode of The Mandalorian season one.

As I said the other day, this is great news for Marvel Studios films that will be ramping up production in the post-pandemic world as they will be able to reproduce locations in the Volume without having to actually travel outside of the studio.