September 24, 2020

New Mutants Isn’t Being Screened For Critics

Yes, hell has frozen over and The New Mutants is really going to open in some movie theaters next weekend (in areas where they’re allowed to be open). You might not be able to read a review of Josh Boone’s movie prior to release as it doesn’t look like Disney will be screening the movie for critics in advance.

According to Los Angeles film critic Drew McWeeney, Disney doesn’t have any options for critics to see the movie before it opens next Friday:

Usually when this happens it’s because the movie is terrible and the studio wants to avoid bad movies prior to release, however with the pandemic going on; The New Mutants seems to be dodging that label. In California, where many film critics reside, movie theaters aren’t open and it’s doubtful they will be opening this week at all. Likewise, the Disney studio (where there are screening rooms) has been shut down for the most part since March 11th; meaning that wouldn’t be an option for critics either. For TENET, the other big movie opening in theaters soon, critics had to go to London to see the movie in order to post their reviews.

Which means the reason for the lack of reviews for The New Mutants before next Friday isn’t due to the quality of the movie, but rather the inability for critics to actually watch the movie in a theater where they live.