September 22, 2020

New Mutants Tickets Go On Sale Next Week (Yes, Really)

The New Mutants

It looks like The New Mutants might actually be opening in theaters at the end of the month. No, I’m not joking. It looks like it might actually happen. This isn’t an off-season April Fools joke.

Disney has alerted distributers that they can begin booking tickets for The New Mutants next week on August 18th for the release on August 28th. That means theaters can begin selling advanced tickets for the movie that apparently will really open in theaters in just a couple of weeks.

Still, there are a couple of weeks to go until August 28th so who knows what will happen between now and then. For all we know more theaters won’t be able to open and them The New Mutants could possibly face yet another delay. However right now, the eternally-delayed movie that many don’t believe even exists may actually be coming out once and for all.