September 22, 2020

The Source of the New Footage in the Disney+ New Mutants Commercial Has Been Found

Last month an alleged TV commercial from Australia announcing The New Mutants for Disney+ surfaced online. Disney immediately denied its legitimacy, claiming it was fake and fan made. However, the TV spot included many shots that were never before seen.

Today a new TV spot from Taiwan has surfaced, and it’s the same footage used in that Disney+ TV spot last month:

《變種人》危機爆發篇_8月27日 搶先全美上映

X戰警系列驚悚篇章《#變種人》大銀幕正式現身 直到失控之後人們才瞭解 超能力是無法被遏制的…… – 8月27日(四) #搶先全美上映 二十世紀影業有IG帳號啦! 追蹤起來➡➡ 20thcenturystudios_tw

Posted by 20th Century Studios on Friday, August 7, 2020

This still doesn’t explain how someone in Australia got access to unreleased footage last month to create a fake TV spot. Perhaps Disney should check in on the security of their trailer houses?