September 24, 2020

Rumor: International Theaters Move The New Mutants to September 3rd?

The New Mutants

The New Mutants rollercoaster is never going to end. After international marketing flip-flopped on the August 28th date last week, changing it to “coming soon” and then back to August 28th, now some international theaters may have delayed the movie.

A user on Reddit spotted that the two biggest theater chains in Thailand have move the movie to September 3rd (movies come out on Thursdays there according to them).

While they believe this is to make room for Tenet, and that does make sense, September 3rd is also the day before that “fake” Australian TV spot for The New Mutants said it would be streaming on Disney+. It’s definitely an interesting coincidence that international theaters are moving the movie to that date that popped up last month.

Perhaps we’ll hear some kind of update on this whole situation at Disney’s earnings call tomorrow.