The Theoretical Physicist Who Helped on Avengers: Endgame is Working on Ms. Marvel

It looks like the upcoming Ms. Marvel Disney+ series will be very faithful to the comic when it comes to the title character’s powers; as Marvel is again working with the theoretical physicist who helped shape Avengers: Endgame’s time travel.

Clifford Johnson revealed in an interview with IndieWire that he’s working on Ms. Marvel, which likely means he’ll help them explain Kamala’s powers in a way the general audience can understand.

Basically, the comics explained that Kamala’s “embiggen” Inhuman power works by borrowing mass from future or past versions of herself. Having a physicist who specializes in movie time travel consulting on the show is a big sign that they’re using the exact comic book version her powers in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel is still casting the series, and it’s expected to hopefully begin filming either late this year or early next.