Loki Hopes to Resume Filming Next Month

Fans desperate for news about the Loki series will be happy to hear it’s resuming production very soon. We heard yesterday how The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will return to Prague for nine days in the fall, but before that both it and Loki has some filming to do in the States.

The Hollywood Reporter has a story up today about Georgia filming, where the shuttered productions hope to resume filming next month. This corresponds with what I’ve heard from sources who said last week that things would be resuming very soon on the shows that were shut down, and then Hawkeye would follow not long after.

People have become so starved for Loki news that a petition was created asking Marvel to reveal everything about the series. Marvel Studios has never really done that, as they always want to keep things close to the chest, but it’s possible when they do decide to talk more about Loki we could learn who some of the cast is playing, but it wouldn’t be the result of an internet petition.

Loki is currently rumored to be the longest of the Disney+ Marvel series, with a rumored total of twelve episodes split into two season halves.