If Marvel Studios Were to Participate in SDCC@Home, What Could They Show?

San Diego convention center

We still don’t know if Marvel Studios has anything planned for SDCC@Home, and we won’t know for sure until Comic Con reveals their official schedule in about nine days from now.

And while it’s still best to temper expectations as to not get hyped up for disappointment, we do know that Marvel Studios was planning a Hall H panel prior to their entire film slate being delayed and SDCC going digital. Which means there is a 50/50 chance they may still decide to do something the Saturday of SDCC. But what could they show in an online streaming environment?

Footage from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki

We know both The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision are mostly done filming, and they showed footage from the former at the Disney Shareholder’s Meeting in March. Loki has also been filming for a little while (but not as long as the other two). Trailers or footage, as well as updated release dates for the first two would be a logical possibility.

The Eternals Teaser Trailer

There is a finished Eternals teaser trailer just sitting on the shelf ready for people to see. If the pandemic didn’t delay anything, it would’ve been released online sometime in April and then be shown in theaters with Black Widow on May 1st. That’s another logical choice of what they could show.

Announcing Ant-Man 3

Not long before the pandemic shut everything down, Michael Douglas did a Q&A on Instagram and hinted that Ant-Man 3 news would be coming soon. It’s possible he was referring to the upcoming Hall H panel. We know Peyton Reed is returning to direct, so SDCC would be a perfect time to officially confirm the movie; possibly for one of the unnamed 2023 release dates.

Shang-Chi Footage?

A few months ago, Simu Liu confirmed on Instagram that they were planning to show some cool stuff at SDCC (if it wasn’t cancelled). This one is something that might not happen in a streaming version of SDCC. Studios don’t like that kind of footage released outside of the convention as it usually has very early effects (if any) and they don’t like people being able to closely examine and dissect early and unfinished footage like that; especially long before the official marketing begins. So, while they were planning to show footage in Hall H, it doesn’t mean they’ll make that available on a YouTube stream; although it’d be an awesome surprise if they did.