WandaVision Still in December? An Exclusive Scarlet Witch Pop Has Just Been Confirmed

Marvel fans are wondering what’s going on with the Disney+ series that have been announced for the latter part of 2020, with both The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision still not being officially delayed. While most aren’t expecting Falcon to arrive on time in August, December for WandaVision still feels realistic. Now merchandise tying into the show has been confirmed for release in that month.

Pop In the Box just had an exclusive Scarlet With Funko Pop confirmed yesterday for release through them in December or January:

Again, that was just confirmed yesterday. If the series was being delayed it’s likely the merchandise would be too. But there’s going to be new Funko Pops for the characters being released right around when the show was originally supposed to come out. We just need to cross our fingers that the date sticks.