As Expected, That British Tabloid Was Wrong About Beyoncé in Black Panther 2

Despite putting “British Tabloid” in a headline and explaining in the article why people shouldn’t believe a tabloid about anything Marvel-related, there were still people who took that dumb Beyoncé in Black Panther 2 claim seriously yesterday. Or maybe it’s just another example of people only reading the headline.

Anyways, as expected the tabloid was just spewing BS; as they normally do. Variety debunked the whole story:

Perhaps it’s because people in the US don’t know the name the way those in the UK do, but The Sun is basically like The National Inquirer in the States. They’re basically like the printed version of random Instagram or Facebook posts making up detailed plot information about movies that are years away from even entering development.

It wasn’t the first time a tabloid superhero story was spread around the internet as if it were fact, and it won’t be the last.