British Tabloid Claims Beyoncé is in Talks for Black Panther 2

You’re going to see a lot of sites reporting this week on a rumor that Beyoncé is “in talks” for Black Panther 2, but when you trace the story back to the original source; it loses most credibility.

The story most people are linking to is in Elle, which normally would be a legitimate outlet for such news. But when you actually look at the Elle story, which claims Beyoncé is in talks for a massive $100 million deal with Disney for three movies including the Black Panther sequel, you’ll see they’re citing a The Sun. For those unaware, The Sun is a British tabloid with a notorious habit of making up sensational celebrity gossip stories like this.

I know it’s a slow time for news and people are desperate for something to post, but at least try to figure out where the story is coming from and if it has any shred of legitimacy to it before making it a huge deal.

If Beyoncé really was in talks for some massive $100 million deal with Disney for three movies, you’d definitely see it reported by Hollywood trades like Variety or The Hollywood Reporter as opposed to a tabloid.