People Really Need to Temper Their Expectations for SDCC@Home

San Diego convention center

Over the last few weeks you might have seen a lot of social media accounts claiming trailers for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, The Eternals, or other Marvel reveals are “confirmed” to debut next month at SDCC@Home. The problem is none of those are confirmed, and even recently Comic Con didn’t know what SDCC@Home would end up being.

All of this is coming from the point of view that Hall H is everything at SDCC, when that’s a perspective that’s completely divorced from any sort of reality. In fact, Hall H (despite the attention it gets) is a very small part of SDCC. It’s a room where 6,000 people can see a panel, at a convention where 150,000 attend.

Comic Con International also holds WonderCon in Anaheim every year in the months leading up to SDCC. Many feel that WonderCon is the “warm up” for SDCC. It’s a much smaller convention, although it’s rapidly been growing over the years, and it’s run almost identically to SDCC. They even have a “Hall H” in the form of the “Arena” where the big panels are held.

Of course in 2020 WonderCon was also cancelled, just like SDCC, and also like with the San Diego convention they created an online component for it called WonderCon@Home. What that ended up being was an online portal for exhibitors to sell their convention exclusives as well as some modified panels and archived video of panels from previous years, although there was nothing from any of the big movie studios who may have had something scheduled for the Arena at the real convention this year.

It’s possible that SDCC@Home will end up being similar to what they did with WonderCon@Home; meaning a lot of the big “reveals” you see people are claiming are “confirmed” won’t actually take place and there will be a lot of angry people due to various social media accounts hyping up things that might not happen.

SDCC is a lot more than Hall H, and there are thousands of exhibitors and artists who spend a lot of money on a booth at the convention and they rely on that exposure every summer. The online exhibit hall is likely going to be a big focus of SDCC@Home as the con probably thinks of those people before the 6,000 who go to Hall H.

It’s always possible that Marvel Studios may reveal something next month, but people need to remember that before all of this happening Black Widow would’ve been in theaters before SDCC was held. Now all of that changed, and we still don’t know if the Disney+ shows are sticking to their announced dates or moving.

So right now it’s best to expect something more along the lines of WonderCon@Home and then be surprised if we get something bigger, otherwise people are just going to end up angry that they got overhyped for something that didn’t happen.