September 25, 2020

Evan Peters Rumored to Appear in WandaVision

We’re only two months away from the officially scheduled premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, and while there’s no official word on if that show or WandaVision will end up being delayed; today brings a new rumor for one of the series.

According to a report on Murphy’s Multiverse, Evan Peters was spotted on the WandaVision set (possibly by a paparazzi who was taking photos of the filming). Of course we don’t know for sure if he’s in the show or was just visiting, but if he is part of the series you can believe what the internet is already thinking.

While fans like to fantasize about the Fox X-Men characters moving into the MCU, and such a thing can happen in fiction for sure, the reality of the way Hollywood contracts, credits, and egos work make things a lot more complicated for something like that to happen. In order for any of the Fox characters to show up in the MCU, then the people responsible for the creation of those versions of the characters (namely people like Singer and Kinberg) would receive credit on whatever they showed up in. That’s why you see Zack Snyder still being credited on the Wonder Woman movies; he created that version of the character.

More realistically he’d probably be playing a new character. People have already speculated he could be one of the twins, such as Speed, but as he is a little older than the rumored age of them in the MCU; it’s possible he could be a villain. Someone like Grim Reaper or Mephisto.

Even so, we can probably prepare for six months of people claiming he’s “confirmed” to be Quicksilver; only for them to forget they ever said that by the time the series airs…whenever that ends up being.