Rob Liefeld Posts Art of Deadpool Killing Mickey Mouse

Rob Liefeld really seems to want to be part of Marvel Studios’ plans for Deadpool, but you wouldn’t know it based on how he seems to be burning any possible bridge he might have had to Disney. Everyone knows how vocal he’s been about Deadpool and Disney over the last couple of weeks, but today he might have finally put the final nail in the coffin and ensured that Disney would never give him a call to be involved with Deadpool 3.

Today Rob Posted this Instagram story:

Rob Liefeld Instagram Story Deadpool Killing Mickey

Oh I’m sure Kevin Feige is picking up the phone right now to invite Rob Liefeld to the table to discuss what they’re planning for Deadpool 3 after that brilliant Instagram post…


Rob Liefeld is claiming the image was just posted to him on Facebook:

Except he did post it to his Instagram story and here’s video proof: