Black Widow Opens in the UK on October 28th

A long-time Marvel tradition will apparently continue with Black Widow, as the movie will open in UK cinemas a week prior to the US. Before the last two spoiler-filled Avengers movies, the MCU films would traditionally open in the UK the week before the US. That looks to continue with Black Widow.

Digital Spy confirmed with Disney that Black Widow would open in the UK on October 28th, assuming cinemas will be open for the movie to play in front of audiences.

As with everything right now, especially release dates, this can of course change at a moment’s notice. For example, just today Los Angeles said their stay-at-home order would extend through July; meaning the LA theaters won’t be open to plan Tenet or Disney’s Mulan as expected. So there might be some more release date shifts coming for all movies if things continue along these lines…