Not Kate Bishop (Yet)? Hailee Steinfeld Says She’s Focused on Her Music Right Now

Kate Bishop Hawkeye

The odyssey of Marvel trying to find their Kate Bishop for the upcoming Hawkeye series doesn’t seem to end, and now we have another time that Hailee Steinfeld has dodged the question if she’s going to join the MCU. A while ago, a fan approached her asking about it and she couldn’t comment, and now she was on a radio show and gave a more specific answer.

Yesterday she appeared on Siris XM’s Morning Mash Up and was asked about joining the MCU. She said:

“You know, right now, I will tell you [Stan] that music is where my head is at. That’s what I live on. I’m super excited to have this time that we are actually, legitimately, talking about how much time we’ve got to focus on that. So that is what is occupying my brain at the moment.”

Whatever happens with the Kate Bishop role in Hawkeye, I’m sure Marvel Studios has some good plans cooking if things don’t work out where Hailee Steinfeld ends up in the role.