September 24, 2020

The New Mutants Listed for PVOD Pre-Order on Amazon

The New Mutants

UPDATE: Amazon has removed the pre-order link from The New Mutants page, citing their agreement with the content provider not allowing purchases yet:

What the page originally looked like is below. It’s possible it was a mistake on Amazon’s part (it was live on both the US and UK sites) and it’s now been fixed.

Disney has not set a new release date for The New Mutants yet, despite shuffling the MCU slate a couple of times in April and giving most of their other movies new release dates. Artemis Fowl wasn’t given a theatrical date, and instead will go directly to Disney+, and now there’s a sign that we might be seeing a PVOD release for The New Mutants.

The movie has popped up for PVOD pre-order on Amazon with the price listed as $25.99:

This is much higher than a normal Disney or Fox HD release, as normally they sell for $19.99 at launch. The $6 premium could point to a looming PVOD release for The New Mutants given it hasn’t been set for a new theatrical release date.