September 27, 2020

CA Governor Puts Doubt on SDCC Taking Place This July

San Diego convention center

This morning, the Governor of California made a statement about reopening the state following the coronavirus pandemic, and something he said puts a lot of doubt on San Diego Comic Con taking place in July.

Gavin Newsom said that large gatherings that attract thousands of people will not be in the cards for the state through the end of the summer. Meaning a convention like San Diego Comic Con (which can have more than 100,000 people flooding the gaslamp district of San Diego) couldn’t be held in the state:

Last week the San Diego Union Tribune had a quote from the San Diego Tourism Authority where they said it would be very difficult for them to hold the convention in July due to the number of people who show up. Adding to the difficulty, the San Diego Convention Center is currently being used as a homeless shelter, and that would make preparing for the convention a challenge as well.

There have also been some rumors behind the scenes that it’s already known that the convention won’t be happening, which is why the annual parking and hotel lotteries have not been held for 2020.

The San Diego Union Tribune article above does say they’re considering doing an “online component” for the convention. We’ll have to wait and see what that could mean, and if any of the Hall H panels could be held online this year.