September 24, 2020

Unfortunately Those ‘Venom 2’ Leaks Are Fake

While fans are eagerly awaiting the first trailer for October’s Venom 2, a lot of fake images are being spread around social media trying to fool people into thinking they’re leaks from the trailer or movie. Unfortunately they all appear to be very fake.

Some are very easy to spot. One used a set photo of Cletus from the San Francsico shoot and made it blurry, while another used a shot of Eddie from the first Venom while facing off a fake Carnage. A couple of them were harder to crack, but the original images have been found.

The image of the Carnage hand in the prison is taken from a very old out-of-print Sideshow Toy Carnage Comiquette statue, which isn’t even on the Sideshow site anymore making the original image difficult to find:

Then there is the image of Carnage himself, which is actually taken from this YouTube video from 2016:

Finally there’s this Tweet that went viral the other week:

Despite what some people want to think, that’s not a viral tease for a Venom 2 trailer. It’s just a group of Bootlace worms.