September 28, 2020

Eternals VFX Studio Confirms They Are Working Remotely

Earlier in the week I ran an article talking about how Marvel Studios is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and in that article I talked about how things that can be done remotely are still being worked on. Now one of the VFX studios working on a Marvel Studios film confirmed they are 100% working remotely.

Scanline VFX Studios is one of the houses working on the visual effects for Eternals, and they’ve announced that they’ve been able to switch over to 100% remote work, meaning post production is continuing:

If one of the VFX studios working on the movie is able to do so remotely, it’s likely that others are as well. Meaning that if this pandemic doesn’t last too much longer, Marvel Studios Eternals should be finished on time. The only question then will be if there will be any movie theaters still in business to show it…