Empire Reveals New Details About Black Widow

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future of Black Widow and when fans will get to see the movie, but some new details about the movie have been revealed in the latest issue of Empire Magazine in the UK. The issue was written long before the movie was delayed, but their feature includes some interesting things that seem to confirm parts of a recent plot leak.

  • Following the events of Civil War, Natasha is hunted by Secretary Ross.
  • Red Guardian is described as the “slightly budget” Soviet version of Captain America.
  • Taskmaster is described as “every woman’s nightmare come to haunt her”. It’s widely believed that it’s Mason behind the mask and he’s said to be Natasha’s love interest from the past.
  • Ray Winstone is playing Dreykov who is the head of the Red Room and likely the same Dreykov that Loki mentioned in the first Avengers.

The interesting thing about this Empire magazine article is that a lot of stuff in it coincides with a 4Chan plot leak that described Natasha being pursued by Secretary Ross and Ray Winstone playing Dreykov. Like past leaks on 4Chan with Infinity War and Endgame, it’s possible there’s a lot there that’s incorrect, but there might be some things that are accurate that the magazine article backs up.