An Important Message About MCU Cosmic

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the world hour by hour and minute by minute and even second to second. It’s affecting everything and everyone. No one is immune to what’s going on, and now I have something difficult to talk about. I’m sure trolls on the internet are going to attack me for this, but I really don’t care. It’s something serious I have to talk about.

I launched MCU Cosmic nearly two years ago, in April of 2018. I honestly never thought it’d become what it has in those two years, and I never though I’d record 100 episodes of a podcast. I’m very happy with how the site has grown over the last two years, but the events of the last couple of hours with this pandemic has put the future into question.

Unless you’re writing for a big site like or IGN, a site like this isn’t a full time paying job. It’s a hobby. People who run sites like this usually have to have day jobs to pay the rent and bills. Tonight the Governor of California issued a state-wide stay at home order, which shuts down any non-essential businesses. That doesn’t mean this site is shutting down because of that, but it does potentially have grim repercussions for this site.

While some people who are put out of work do still get paid, a lot of others don’t. Unfortunately my wife and I fall into that category of being self-employed with businesses forced to close we have no income to pay our bills or our house. Meaning not only are we not able to make an income to eat, we stand the chance of losing our home. And even before that happens, the web hosting for this site would have to go away.

It won’t happen right away, we have enough food to last a week or so. But it’s pretty grim.

I know this time is tough for everyone, and there are a lot of people in similar situations as us. But if you can, please consider supporting the site via Patreon.

I started the Patreon mostly for the podcast, it’s posted there two days early. But with this situation I might be able to do even more over there, I was planning for the 100th episode to be extended a little bit on the Patreon and not on YouTube, for example.

I’m really hoping things work out and we don’t lose our home, and I hope I can continue to run the site and bring you all the latest Marvel news. Whatever happens, I want to thank everyone for the support they’ve given the site and myself over the last two years. I hope this isn’t the end.