Black Widow’s Delay Reportedly Won’t Affect the MCU Timeline

Following the delay of Black Widow yesterday, every website is rushing to post think pieces about how they think the delay will derail the MCU plans. But right now it doesn’t look like it’s going to really change anything.

In an article speculating about how delaying Black Widow would affect the MCU, Variety has something from an insider who says it won’t change anything:

Pushing “Black Widow” affects nothing on the MCU timeline, said one individual close to Marvel Studios. It was not clear if the implication was that “Widow” will see the light of day before August, or that the film is inconsequential to Phase Four, or if the source has a tesseract.

It’s not even May yet, so there is a lot of time for Marvel and Disney to figure out something to allow people to see Black Widow before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s scheduled debut in August…