Shang-Chi Looking to Cast a Crime Organization ‘Boss’

Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is currently in production in Australia, and it looks like they’re still looking to fill out the cast with more supporting roles.

You might remember a few months ago when some news dropped of supporting villains, which fit with the rumors of a fight tournament style story, but now there’s word of a crime boss being cast for the movie and it’s possible he could be connected to those villains.

According to Ron over at PoC Culture, Marvel is looking to cast a “Boss” described as a Chinese male in his 40s-60s. Leader of a crime organization. Intimidating presence but also charismatic, dangerous and quietly imposing. The role also requires that the actor speak fluent Mandarin. 

This is most likely separate from The Mandarin, as well know Marvel has already cast him. Ron brings up a great point how in the comic Shang-Chi’s father used many pawns to try to get at his son, and this crime boss may be one of those pawns in the movie.

Even though the movie is filming now, much of the supporting cast of the film is still a mystery. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.