September 24, 2020

‘Black Widow’ Will Go Back in Time to When The Characters are Much Younger

For a very long time there have been rumors that the Black Widow movie won’t only feature Natasha in the post-Civil War time period, but also see her when she’s much younger in the Black Widow program. According to the hair and makeup team on the movie, that is happening with younger actors playing the roles.

The team was interviewed on the red carpet of the Oscars last night by Variety as they were nominated for the Maleficent sequel, and had this to say:

“Well we’re going back in time to when they were much younger. And we have actors playing even younger than they are, the same characters type of thing.”

It’s not known how far back they go, but the earliest rumors said we would see Natasha in the late 90s. If they’re using a younger actor to play her, it’s possible that’s the time period we might see in the movie.