September 26, 2020

Morbius Set Photo Hints at Spider-Man on the Run

Update: The bus photo is from Morbius reshoots, not Venom 2. Both Jared Leto and Matt Smith were spotted on set:

This weekend Venom 2 has wrapped production, but people have noticed something interesting on a set that’s being used for the movie in Los Angeles.

Reddit user u/IamSammyJankis spotted a New York City bus on a location in Los Angeles made up to look like a street in NYC, and the bus has a big Daily Bugle ad on the side with the words “Where is Spider-Man?”

Venom 2 arrives in theaters this October, which is long before Spider-Man 3’s July 2021 debut. Morbius showed us that people think Peter Parker is a murderer, while it looks like Venom will hint at what’s going on with Spidey. He’s on the run and hasn’t been seen since being outed by Mysterio’s video at the end of Far From Home.

Not long ago there was word that Sony was talking to Tom Holland about a cameo in Venom 2, so the sequel will definitely set up what’s going on in Peter Parker’s life before the third MCU Spider-Man movie next summer.