September 25, 2020

Report: Trans Actress Being Cast for Role in Loki

Last summer, The GWW reported that Marvel was looking for a transgender actress for an upcoming role. Back then it was believed that it could be for Thor: Love and Thunder, but now we know that it’s for Loki.

According to The Illuminerdi, the role is actually going to be for the Loki Disney+ series, and it does seem like this will be for the character of Sera in the MCU. They say the character will appear in bigger things in the future, meaning movies are possible too.

This could also explain why Marvel was looking for a stand-in for an African American woman in the series. That stand-in is likely for this character. And with that insight, it’s possible the other stand-in might not be for Enchantress, but rather Mist. That would make a lot of sense as because the Loki series is dealing with time travel, he could run into characters such as Sera and Mist in the past before the fight with Hela that was shown in Thor Ragnarok.

This all means that The GWW’s original speculation that this could be for Sera would still be correct, however she would appear first in Loki instead of the fourth Thor movie.