September 25, 2020

Giving Strength to the ‘Moon Knight’ Rumors, Marvel is Launching a New Werewolf by Night Comic

If you’ve followed the MCU for a while you might know that Marvel likes to give characters appearing in the movies (or TV shows) a push in the comics around 18 months or so before they make their debut. It serves a few purposes, one is to refresh a trademark, and another is to introduce people to characters they might not know about before they pop up in a movie or TV show.

We’ve known that Marvel plans to do something with Werewolf by Night, a character who hasn’t been active in the comics for a very long time, and it sounds like he’ll show up in the upcoming Moon Knight limited series. Now Marvel revealed a new Werewolf by Night comic arriving this year:

Moon Knight originally appeared in Werewolf by Night #32. Now it looks like the MCU Werewolf by Night will be making his debut in Moon Knight’s Disney+ show, and them doing a new comic to introduce people to the character before then seems to give the rumors some strength…