Marvel Studios’ Prop Master Teases a Loki Return

Russell Bobbitt has been designing the props for the Marvel Studios movies since the beginning. If it’s a weapon or magical item in the movies, he and his team designed and fabricated it. Now he’s teasing something for Loki.

Last night, he tweeted a video of Loki’s scepter saying “Loki…I am back.”:

While it’s possible that he’s only teasing that he’s working on Loki, that doesn’t make much sense as he and his team makes all of the Marvel Studios props and they’d obviously be working on Loki as it’s a Marvel Studios production.

So with that theory eliminated, it’s possible he’s teasing that we’ll see the scepter again in the mini-series. As Loki is about the god of mischief traveling through time, there’s always a chance he’ll run into the scepter again and maybe even recover it.