Spider-Man 3 Will Begin Filming in July

As most Marvel fans know, Sony likes to have their Spider-Man movies out every two years; so that means we’re going to see Spider-Man 3 next year and it’ll have to film this summer. The summer date has previously been reported, but now we know when and where the third MCU Spidey adventure will film.

ComicBook.com leaned that the movie will film from July to November, and travel to Iceland, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles for Spider-Man’s life on the run after being framed as a murderer by Mystero in Far From Home.

And this production schedule is very similar to the one Far From Home had. That movie filmed from July to October, so we should start seeing the first set photos leak out in just a few months. ComicBook points out that the Iceland location is interesting, as that could be a hint that Kraven could be the villain…