Marvel’s Avengers Game Delayed to September 4th

This morning Square Enix delayed two of their big upcoming games. The first was the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which got a small bump from its March release to April 10th, but the other was a big delay for the upcoming Avengers game a lot of people are looking forward to.

Originally releasing in May, Crystal Dynamics delayed Marvel’s Avengers to September 4th of this year. That’s a pretty big delay for the game and will be placing it right in competition with all of the big fall releases as well as the next-generation consoles.

The game received some controversy at its reveal at E3 last year, with people complaining about the character designs. Those improved a bit when it was shown again at SDCC and then Gamescom later in the year, so perhaps more changes are being made to the game. which required this big delay.