September 27, 2020

Update: Hawkeye Might Not Be Delayed

Yesterday the Marvel side of the internet was put into a panic when a report surfaced that said the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series was “indefinitely delayed”, possibly based on its July start date no longer appearing on production grids.

Less than twelve hours later, reports are now surfacing that yesterday’s report that went viral might not be correct. Caleb Williams who runs Knight Edge Media has heard that it might not be delayed, and Julia Alexander of The Verge Tweeted that Disney told her the report was “completely inaccurate”:

Other journalists are privately communicating the same thing. As of this weekend, as far as anyone knew, it was 100% still on; despite what production grids may or may not show.

Still, Marvel needs to find their Kate Bishop. As reported yesterday they still really want Hailee Steinfeld in the role, but nothing is apparently final and the search is still on. However if Hawkeye doesn’t begin filming until the summer or even the fall, they have plenty of time to get that done.

This will apparently be an on going thing people will be paying attention to, so we’ll keep you posted.