Sony’s Morbius Will Reference Spider-Man

Sony’s Morbius is an upcoming superhero movie not many are excited for, but this bit of news will definitely get people interested in checking it out.

Back in September when the Sony-Disney Spider-Man situation was resolved, Deadline reported that Sony’s universe will be allowed to reference events in the MCU relating to Spider-Man, and it looks like Sony’s Morbius will be the first one to do this.

There will be some background references to Spider-Man in movie. Some that might even tie into the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home and what Peter Parker is dealing with at this time.

Beyond that there have also been very strong rumors that J. Johah Jameson might appear, but even with just these background references to Spider-Man, this is the first sign of the shared universe that Marvel and Sony have agreed upon to keep Spider-Man in the MCU for now.