Lockheed Spotted in The New Mutants Trailer

Lockheed New Mutants

Yesterday’s trailer for Fox’s The New Mutants surprised the Internet because it actually doesn’t look that bad. Many are hoping it turns out good as it’ll be nice to see the Fox Mutant era go out on a good note, as opposed to last summer’s Dark Phoenix bomb.

While many were distracted by Magik charging Demon Bear while wielding the Soul Sword at the end of the trailer, they missed something cool in the scene. Little Lockheed, the purple dragon who is normally a sidekick of Kitty Pryde, is flying around and attacking Demon Bear:

Lockheed New Mutants Trailer

Lockheed does have a small connection to Illyana in the comics, and previously he’s been seen as puppet that she has in the movie. Based on this footage in the trailer, it looks like that little puppet is going to come to life to be the real Lockheed at some point.