Fox Releases a New Trailer For The New Mutants (No, Really)

The New Mutants

A movie much of the Internet was convinced would never be released is arriving this April, as Fox has at long last revealed a new trailer for The New Mutants. And yes, this is a theatrical release; not on Hulu as so many websites were falsely speculating last year.

This is the trailer that New Mutants artist Bill Sienkiewicz saw last month, which director Josh Boone said was coming shortly after that. Boone then confirmed today’s release last week, while explaining he oversaw this trailer and the movie is his version of the film.

Following the movie’s abrupt delay back in 2018 (before its original release date), there was a lot of talk that producer (and director of Dark Phoenix) Simon Kinberg was going to take the movie for massive reshoots to change its “tone”. Following the legendary flop of Dark Phoenix, it seems like that plan was abandoned and Boone has been allowed to complete his version of the movie, which is what we’ll see in theaters in April.

One thing that won’t be changing is the film’s rating. Despite rampant speculation on the internet that it would arrive with a R rating, Josh Boone has stated that it was never planned for that and was always intended to be PG-13.