WandaVision Audition Tape Hints at Quicksilver’s Return

We’ve known for a while that they were looking to cast two eight-year old boys for WandaVision, most likely playing the younger version of Wanda and Vision’s twins; Wiccan and Speed. Now an audition tape has surfaced for one of the roles and it hints at a huge reveal in the series.

Daniel Richtman found audition tapes for one of the roles, and it’s pretty interesting. The kid is talking about Halloween, which we know is something they’ve filmed for WandaVision; and then he mentions his “uncle”.

This is interesting because recently Aaron Taylor-Johnson told Screenrant he wouldn’t be returning to the MCU:

“I think we’re both open to possibilities, like the Marvel Universe like it has been over the years, but obviously yes, I’m aware of the Disney+ platform and all of the shows that are going and I’m still in touch with a lot of the people. I mean, I think it’s safe to say that no, I’m not gonna… there will be no appearance of me coming out or Quicksilver appearing anytime soon.”

Often these audition tapes just put in generic things, but the inclusion of Halloween is pretty specific to WandaVision as that is something that has been seen in leaked set photos. So either the mention of their uncle is just something random they put in the audition, or there’s going to be a big surprise appearance in the show.