Black Widow Marvel Legends Again Spark Incorrect Movie Speculation

Something that happens with every MCU movie has once again taken place with Black Widow, and that is the Marvel Legends figures have come out and caused all sorts of incorrect speculation due to people still not understanding how the Marvel Legends line works. It happened with Captain Marvel, where people thought Genis-Vell and the Kree Sentry would be in the movie because there were action figures, and it’s going to happen again in the future.

In the case of Black Widow, people are thinking that Winter Soldier, Crossbones, Spymaster, and Crimson Dynamo are in the movie based on these action figures; when the toys are of the comic versions.

Whenever Hasbro does a line of Marvel Legends tied to the movie, they have to include a couple of action figures from related comic books, just to fill out the number of figures and have enough to do a build-a-fig. For collectors who pay attention to such things, Hasbro makes it clear on the packaging of the figures which are from the movie and appear as they do in the film, and which are from the comics.

The movie-based figures have the movie logo on the packaging:

While the figures based on the comic books simply have the Marvel logo on the packaging:

In the Black Widow line, this is how the breakdown is:
Black Widow (Movie)
Yelena Belova (Movie)
Red Guardian (Movie)
Taskmaster (Movie)
Crossbones (Comics)
Winter Soldier (Comics)
Spymaster (Comics)

The build-a-figure in the line is Crimson Dynamo, and again it’s a comic design (not movie):

The design of Crimson Dynamo that uses isn’t a MCU one, it’s from the six-issue limited series that Marvel did for the character way back in 2003:

As I said before, this has happened many times in the past. Just about every time a Marvel Legends line is revealed, people will take the comic characters and try to claim it’s a big spoiler for the movie. We should see this happen again later in the summer when The Eternals line of Marvel Legends pops up online…