Everything Revealed About The Eternals at CCXP19

This weekend was the annual CCXP convention in Brazil, and Kevin Feige showed up on Saturday to reveal the first-ever footage from the Phase 4 movie that releases next November, one that is described to “redefine” the MCU.

The footage was a selection of raw scenes directly from the set, but it revealed the Eternals meeting with Druig in a cabin of sorts and the big reveal was that Druig is a Deviant. According to Feige, the Deviants in the movie will look unlike the ones in the comics.

Kevin Feige explained that The Eternals is set over the course of 7,000 years, from Mesopotamia to modern day, and all sorts of cool time periods in-between. The Eternals are aware of The Avengers, but The Avengers don’t know much about The Eternals…yet. That could be a hint to some Eternals being on a future Avengers roster, as Sersi and Black Knight were prominent members in the early 90s.

Speaking of Sersi and Black Knight, there are signs that The Eternals will feature the MCU’s first major love triangle. Despite the beliefs of some on the internet, it turns out that Ikarus isn’t the gay character in the film; instead he and Sersi are in a relationship (Feige has previously said the gay character would have a family in the movie). As Black Knight and Sersi are said to be the leads of the film, that could lead to a live triangle between Ikaris, Sersi, and Black Knight.

We’ll also see the Celestials in their “true enormous power” in the movie. As for the Thanos question, and if there would be a connection, Feige sort of dismissed it saying there might be some connection to the Eternals of Titan, but the focus is one these new characters.

In regard to the convention footage, which is never released online and no one should ever expect such a thing to be released for people who didn’t spend days camping out, Feige said it’ll be a long time until anyone sees footage like that from The Eternals.

That means we’ll probably have to wait until San Diego Comic Con in July before any major footage is screened for the public, although there may be a teaser trailer before then like with previous November releases, I wouldn’t be shocked if Disney shareholders got to see something at their annual meeting in a few months…