September 25, 2020

Exploring the Possibilities of Namor in the MCU

Over the last couple of weeks up through today, people might have been seeing myself and others teasing stuff related to Namor. This isn’t new, as it seems like Marvel is looking for someone to play the Sub Mariner for a while.

I get a lot of people asking me on Twitter if certain things posted on social media are true, and there is a lot of crazy Marvel stuff out there. Basically if it’s something I don’t completely believe, I won’t run it on the site. It’s not worth the time if it’s something that I’m not at least 75% confident in. That’s why I didn’t run anything about that Doctor Doom Black Panther II rumor that was going around last week.

While it’s been rumored in the past from unreliable clickbait sites, I’ve heard from three completely separate and unrelated sources that Namor will be headed to the MCU and it looks like his big splash will most likely be facing off against T’Challa in the untitled Black Panther sequel in 2022.

It’s entirely possible that Namor, or the Atlanteans, will be hinted at or setup in some way long before 2022. For example, The Eternals is out later in 2020. In Eternals lore, The Deviants have a big connection to Atlantis, and with that movie dealing with the ancient pre-history of the MCU it’s possible that that could be one way to hint at the ancient sunken city.

It’s also possible, and even likely, that he could be setup via a credits stinger in one of the 2021 movies. Especially when it looks like Marvel has been trying to cast the person to play the ruler of a distant ancient kingdom.

Over the last ten years, there have been some hints to Namor or Atlantis in the MCU. In Iron Man 2 Atlantis can be seen on the map behind Tony Stark, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout in Disney California Adventure has an undersea tablet in the queue (even though the rides aren’t movie canon), and of course there’s the famous undersea earthquake mention in Avengers: Endgame (that is claimed to not be a Namor hint).

But beyond those that everyone knows about, there’s apparently an Atlantis Easter Egg somewhere else in the MCU that hasn’t been widely publicized.

The Namor rights have long been speculated about in the MCU, and it’s believed by many that it’s a similar situation as The Hulk where the solo movie rights are complicated, but Marvel can freely use him in a movie with other heroes.

With the Fantastic Four destined for the MCU soon, Namor is a fan-favorite character that would also be needed to make the most of those characters. He has a long history with Reed and Sue, but it sounds like he’ll be debuting before the First Family arrives and will face off against another king in the MCU.