September 28, 2020

Chris Evans Will ‘Probably Not’ Cameo in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

With the first two Disney+ Marvel series in production now, a lot of fans are wondering if Captain America might show up again in the series where Falcon is expected to officially take on the mantle of the MCU hero. It doesn’t sound likely.

Entertainment Tonight asked Chris Evans about a possible cameo, and he said:

“No, no probably not. I mean it was really tough… There was a million ways that whole tenure with Marvel could have gone wrong and it didn’t. And so to stick the landing so well it would be ashamed to kind of revisit unless there was something very unique and we felt the need to reveal. So for now, it just feels like let’s just let’s be content with how well it ended.”

Of course the big question now remains what this could mean for MCU movies that are set in the past, as a Cap cameo in those wouldn’t really affect his ending in Avengers: Endgame, but fans shouldn’t expect him in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when it debuts next fall.