Rumor: Lady Loki Will Appear in the ‘Loki’ Series

Over the weekend it was revealed that Sophia Di Martino was cast in the upcoming Disney+ Loki series. While many outlets didn’t say who she was playing, one trade did; but until more confirm the role it should be taken as a rumor.

According to Deadline, she’ll be playing the female version of Loki in the series:

“One source close to the production hints that Di Martino may in fact portray a female incarnation of Loki and, in effect share the role with Hiddleston.”

In the comics, Loki took on a female form after Ragnarök and right before Secret Invasion. It’s kind of interesting that if this is true, the female Loki would be appearing in the MCU following the MCU’s Ragnarök and before a a MCU Secret Invasion. He even impersonated Scarlet Witch for a time.

Bringing in a new version of Loki would also be a way to tie the show into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.