Disney is ‘Hoping’ to Get the MCU Spider-Man Movies on Disney+

Disney+ launched yesterday, and the service already has nearly the entire Infinity Saga available for streaming in 4K HDR. The only missing movies (in the US) are the three that are still licensed to Netflix, and obviously the three that Disney does not own.

The three licensed to Netflix will arrive in the first half of 2020 on staggered dates, while the other three are more complex. However, according to THR reported Aaron Couch; Disney is “hoping” to work something out for the two Holland Spider-Man movies:

Sony owns the two Spider-Man films, and it’s possible they could work out some kind of deal with them to stream as Sony doesn’t seem to have plans for a streaming service like Disney+ (yet). The big question will then be if Comcast would allow The Incredible Hulk to stream on Disney’s platform.