Avengers: Endgame Added More Captain Marvel in Reshoots

One of the big (and now completely BS) “rumors” that YouTube was spreading about Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame prior to the release was that Marvel cut the character out of Endgame for reasons that don’t make any sense in reality. Now we know how false that is as Marvel actually added more Captain Marvel to the movie in its reshoots.

Slashfilm has an oral history of the big final battle of the movie, and the film’s editor Jeff Ford reveals that the Carol vs Thanos scene was added in the reshoots:

When Captain Marvel arrives, that was in the script from day one, the way she comes through the ship. We knew she was going to do that, but what we did alter and add and expand later, mostly because of how much we loved what Brie was doing with the character, was her fight with Thanos before he power punches her back. Anthony came up with the great idea – this was a reshoot, by the way, at the last minute – he had the great idea that Thanos pulls the power stone out of the gauntlet, and then he punches her with the raw power stone. That is a fantastic use of that prop and that story point, because that’s what you want. And we had to find a way that he could sideline Captain Marvel for a minute, because she’s so powerful, there’s no way to do it.

Even though Carol had a small role in Endgame, they didn’t remove stuff with her like YouTubers were claiming; instead they added more in the reshoots for the movie.