September 28, 2020

The Punisher’s Ben Barnes Has Talked to Marvel Studios About a Hero Role

In another sign that things from the Netflix series will selectively be made canon in the MCU, a villain from the series might become a hero in the proper MCU.

According to Digital Spy, The Punisher’s Ben Barnes (Jigsaw) has talked with Marvel Studios about a superhero role in the MCU:

“I did talk to them about something this year, but it was a bit too close to doing The Punisher, I think, for them. But, you know, they have proof that you can – particularly if it was on TV, you can go back and do a movie if there’s a character that’s right.

“I was definitely talking about a couple of superheroes last year.”

Barnes wouldn’t be the first Netflix villain to make the jump to being a hero, as Luke Cage’s Mahershala Ali will be Blade in a future MCU movie.