September 25, 2020

Could a MCU Deadpool Announcement Be Imminent?

Last week was a busy one for Deadpool, with a lot of news coming out about his future from the writers of the first two movies, but there are signs that there is a lot more on the way and possibly very soon.

Since last week there has been a rumor going around that some kind of Deadpool announcement was coming, most people didn’t publicly say that and only hinted at it, but Collider’s Coy Jandreau did on Twitter:

But this morning comes a huge piece of evidence something may be in the works…

The official Deadpool movie social media account is now active after six months of not posting. These official social media accounts are run by the movie studios and have a paid social media manager responsible for them, and only are active when there’s something like a movie or Blu-ray to promote. That means someone told the social media manager to reactivate the account and begin posting again…for some reason.

As far as anyone knows there’s no new Deadpool home video release on the horizon for the account to promote, so for it to suddenly spring back to life when there are rumors of something going on with Deadpool and Marvel Studios certainly raises some eyebrows…